Is there a benefit to doing this and do you recommend this? =)", "Help. Any suggestions will help, Thanks. The place I bought my seed this year stated "do not hill up soil above leave height, do not bury the leaves." The mid-season varieties, such as 'Red Cloud', are harvested about 80 days after planting. I've bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. Good luck with this year's potatoes. Presumably even after flowering tuber growth will continue until all the foliage dies off? I didn't know what to do next but let them continue a bit and put my hand in to dig out some early ones and they were absolutely delicious. Expect "seed potatoes" to be available to purchase? I'll have see what happens when I turn the bucket over and get a look at the results. Required fields are marked *. The growth has been amazing, and I 'hilled up' as the vines grew, until there was no more room. Indeterminate varieties are preferred for bag growing so the yield is worth the the effort. This is only my second year growing potatoes. ", "Hi Ben, Either way works fine. The only thing I don't know is what kind of soil is best to plant them in. You can see my results if you check out my blog page at if you or anyone wishes to. Lay your tubers with the majority of ‘eyes’ facing up. These well-known tubers are easy to grow at home. But, sure enough, now I see so many leftover volunteers from last year looking really healthy. (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our Contact Form to send us your comment, along with the title of this article. It could be down to a number of reasons. I am learner of farming. I believe that's quite challenging. ", "Ben - Not all potato varieties necessarily flower, so it's worth digging down a bit to see if any tubers have formed. I'd use a general purpose fertiliser rather than tomato fertiliser, as tomato fertiliser will be high in potash in order to encourage flowering and fruiting. :-)", (If you have difficulty using this form, please use our. Elsewhere I did read of health risks from contaminants in tyres. Nice surprise. Potatoes prefer slightly acidic soil. Brian. ", "Hi Susan. It’s hard to judge the size of your potato crop from above, so plunge your hand in and have a root around! I never much cared for potatoes....until last year's harvest. ", "I'm assuming your in the Northern Hemisphere Vicki? # Variety Maturity Compost seeds harvest Yield ", "Please don't advocate growing potatoes in tyres, this is very bad advice. And finally, main crop potatoes – these include russets and blue potatoes, and these can take up … Look closely at a potato; there are several slightly-recessed ‘eyes’ on the surface. ", "determinate potatoes will develop tubers at one level, regardless of hilling, although hilling allows the plant to set more roots and therefore extract more nutrients for growth and development. As I said they have a lot of white sprouts, should I remove some of them before I plant? As potatoes sprout, cover the sprouts when they are about 6 inches tall. This growing method isn't likely to yield a root cellar full of tasty spuds, but it can be a way to decrease the risk of scab or try out a new variety. ", "Given that you should cover the leggy stems to encourage tuber growth, what if they're in a tower and the greenery is extending from the sides? ", "Thank you for sharing this useful article. In cooler parts of the country, plant potatoes just after the last frost date. I had read NOT to get them from the store as they are sprayed with a sprout inhibitor but that makes perfect sense to just buy organic. Do they have to sprout before planting! ", "I'm in Portland, Oregon. Thanks again. Do they need to flower for the potatoes to grow? ", "Potatoes Grown in Ericaceous Compost. The ideal position will be a full sun location. If the pail was white or very thin, then light could have got in to the root zone. Good luck! Potatoes need consistent moisture to grow well. The bag acts as a barrier and the Bermuda doesn’t penetrate. I then let them sit for a day or two to 'skin over'. I'd be inclined to only do this once or twice as you check the maturity of the tubers then harvest all at once when they feel like they are the right size. Could you please tell me if it okay to recycle the compost into the garden after the potatoes have cropped as there is such a lot of compost in six containers and seems a shame to waste it. Stake a trash bag, bottom slit open, over the hole. I did not disturb it and just put it in the larger pot with more soil and room. Potatoes are prone to disease, so be sure to practice good crop rotation. I put the seed potatoes in egg boxes in January to chit and once planted I watered when dry as our summer has been hot. Tip it on its side and 'jump' the compost mix out gradually by flicking the bag and quickly yanking it back as you do so. When i gently popped it out I noticed a massive network of small white roots. No side shoots. ", "Hi, maryG 20 gallon bucket grew and now I've topped with mulch to wait for it to die off. Maybe just the wrong time of year for Tucson, or maybe too much water-is that possible? Overcrowding potatoes results in smaller potatoes. I think you are a long way from harvesting anything - greenery has a lot more to grow and I was surprised how attractive it is. Is this acceptable, or do I need a different kind of soil? For even watering, I have a drip line inserted in each grow bag. Simply check the size of the tubers occasionally until they reach the desired size. (Roll down sides of container if desired). The foliage is likely to be very spindly and yellowed, and the plant may really struggle. I have grown them in a big plastic container as well and had lots of success with it. Indeterminate varieties include "Russet Nugget," "Nicola," "German Butterball" and "Elba" potatoes. You could use potatoes bought from the store but the trouble is they may be carrying disease - seed potatoes bought from a nursery/garden centre will be guaranteed disease free and will be very vigorous. I have two grow-lights pointed at other various plants in southern window (for experimenting); they’re not thriving, but everything’s still growing and some a bit leggy.....even the mint plant, but at least it looks lacey and beautiful;) ", "Which grow light bulbs do you recommend? Make sure that the material you earth up with is consistent. ", "Hi Paula. The plant is dying from the bottom of the leaves, as expected. ANY ADVICE APPRECIATED,,,,,THANKS! in pieces. Red Pontiac My query is instead of repeated hilling, what if the container is filled to the brim the first time the seed potato is sowed. ", "Hello. Yes, it's generally best to wait until the plants flower before harvesting. I am going to be careful for brussels. Whether you like them baked, mashed, french fried, roasted or any number of other ways, potatoes are a delicious staple. ", "This year I will be growing my spuds in 30ltr poly pots that can be bought off Ebay. 2 Swift 1st Early General Peat Free 6 10 1kg The third layers I added more compost and then the last layer was good potting soil. But this year I grew a new variety in the UK called Jazzy in the 12inch buckets that our supermarkets display flowers in. Thank you! As you say - this bulk of compost shouldn't be wasted! ", "thanx tom for the advice i have put my potatoes in now i wait for them to grow ", "I wonder if you can maximise the growing by succession, ie start with the earliest, then turf them out to start main crops and follow that with some late spuds for Christmas, all in the same containers and more or less the same compost? Let us know how you get on with this season's potatoes. ", "hi is potato grown seasonal or continuous all months , i am from dubai do we need weather controllers ", "Hi Naif. Yes, Melanie is right - you 'earth up' by adding your compost/soil (or straw)so that just the top couple of inches of foliage is poking out. Plant them as above, then lift them later on in autumn/fall. ", "Hi Patricia. ", "I did this last year for the first time. ", "Hi, I got brave (?) The drilled PVC pipe trick works really well for strawberry planters though. One more question: if I don't support them, will the stems break when trailing over the sides, or are they flexible and strong enough so that in essence it's similar to any trailing plant? ", "Hello Ben...Thanks for the reply. ", "Hi I have grown potatoes in containers for years but have never had much success before, the potatoes that I have grown like this year are very large potatoes and they are all up to the top of my dustbins (3 quarters full) I have used well rotted horse manure before but this year have used fish, blood and bone. Regards, Roy Doran", "Roy Doran - isn't it a little early to be harvesting unless you actually want new potatoes? They sit on my back patio and get all early morning sun. If your potatoes have already grown up and flowered then it's now too late to earth them up. I'm not sure what the weather has been like where you are, but assuming you've had the same hot summer I've had, then you may expect container/sack-grown potatoes to underperform this year. This happened to a certain type last year, 2011 and again on the volunteers that came up this summer. ", "I say...stick 'em in the ground and see what happens. In simple terms, what is the amount you'd expect to get in a regular garden plot with modest hilling, vs. a container or tire arrangement where a bin is built around the plant and mulched all the way up to the top? The most important rule when using containers is to. ", "I was told to plant tansy near potatoes to deter the Colorado Potato Beetle. Is that normal? ", "I have 5 whiskey barrels full of potatoes. This will avoid any pest and disease problems. Few blogs that actually have help for novices.really good for vegetable ", "I find Rocky's comment interesting. I'm planning on expanding next year. These potatoes (Bute, from shop bought that had chitted spontaneously) flowered profusely quite soon after the main leaf growth. I've not yet dug in to see if there are potatoes yet, as I've got my barrel surrounded by chicken wire because the deer like the foliage so much. Pure heaven! Or is this just overthinking? The shoots will slowly sprout. However, you may find you can harvest a few smaller, 'new' potatoes before that point. please follow this link Water long enough to moisten the soil in the bag. Barbara Pleasant gives an excellent overview of her experiences of growing in tires, containers and other out-of-ground methods vs in-ground potatoes.", "I have had a problem with common scab on my potatoes. Plant a second crop in September or October for harvesting in late winter. ", "This is my 5th year growing in mineral supplement tubs discarded by local cattle farmers. Use paper (tissue, newsprint, shredded mail) … They are useful Happy growing! Multipurpose potting soil works well, but I bulk this out (mainly to save money!) Good luck with it. All four have out grown their containers by 5-7 inches or so. Ideally they should be about the size of a hen's egg. 4 Charlotte 2nd Early Ericaceous Peat Based 6 16 1.8kg @Moira: Are you in the Massachusetts area? ", "would tomato fertilizer be suitable for potatoes in containers, if not will generall fertilizer do", "Hi G Will. Any idea why this happened? They’re versatile and grow happily in containers or in the ground. Make sure you source seed from a good, reliable stockist. ", "Firstly congratulations! Can I add more soil or straw using chicken wire at the top of the barrels to help support them? Trying potatoes for the first time. This will only lead to overcrowded containers, which will ultimately reduce the size of the final potatoes that you harvest. Remember to water and feed once or twice with your liquid feed. I would suggest that you use fresh compost for the next time you grow potatoes. I usually end up doing a little of both because the sprouts grow at different rates. I planted them on March 13th and it is now April 28th. Katahdin Here’s how to grow potatoes in containers, ... Huckleberry gold – round to oval mid-season potato with purple skin and yellow flesh. I will do as you suggest next year. This encourages the potatoes to sprout more (a process called ‘chitting’). I now have no more room in the bag to add further soil and the greenery is now around 12 inches above the top of the bag. Thanks....", "thank you for the help growing potatoes im going to continue to grow potatoes and other vegetables next year. this year set up five grow bags with taters. Thanks. 5 Sarpo Kifli Early Main General Peat Free 3 18 1.8kg In the case of the first and second earlies, direct comparisons were made by planting the same variety in two bags with different composts. Place your potatoes in a cool area (50F to 60F) and leave for a few weeks. ", "Hello Ben, Add some additional drainage material such as crocks or broken up polystyrene to the base of your container then fill with about 10cm (4in) of your growing medium. ", "I cut off their growing tips.This forces the plant to put it's energy into producing more and larger potatoes as opposed to producing more plant. I've written a short blog post about my experiences with growing potatoes in bags: Mine is still splendid though I probably planted later than you. You may find that the tubers are still growing, so your extra compost may yet pay off! You can purchase ‘Yukon Gold’ mini tubers for planting from Burpee. Second, the container must drain well – potatoes like moist but not soggy soil. How long does it take to chit or sprout yukon golds when bought from sprouts. Thanks for prompt reply! However, in most instances this is probably verging on the side of over-engineering! Thanks for the great info.! Automatic irrigation drip systems with timers utilising mini drippers and soaker hose also allow me to customize plant needs without much cost and very little daily maintainence. The stem grows into a plant above ground, and the excess energy from the plant is channeled downward to the roots and stored in ‘tubers’. So why did I diligently plant them all with the sprouting bit; which I know full well is roots; pointing upwards? They won't have grown too much over a week. They are generally prepared to sell them for about 10p each - just drill drainage holes in the bottom. Although potatoes grow best in places with cool summer days and nights (think Idaho), if you choose the correct variety and plant them at the correct time, it’s possible and relatively simple to grow potatoes in warmer climates like Arizona. Sounds like you've got a good system there for your potatoes. But if you do decide to grow from seed, I would love to know how you get on. I tried it because people were saying how well it worked and it seems to be true. I'd see what you have in the way of potatoes - you may be pleasantly surprised. The main advantage of growing from seed potatoes is that they are guaranteed to be clean and free of any viruses and so forth. When is the best time to start planting potatoes in pots? How will it effect the yield [if any]? (Roll down sides of container if desired). ", "No problem Roy. Don’t worry, there aren’t many of these. The first layer was good quality compost topped off at about 8 inches (total) and add some bone meal into the mix. I can't keep any bulbs in the ground ever! It's sometimes caused when the soil is either too wet or too day, so ensure good drainage and be sure to water in dry weather. ", "Hi Susan. Just take care not to disturb the compost too much as you feel around for the tubers. Buy certified disease-free seed potatoes from online retailers or garden centers for best results. I did get terribly discouraged, so now I am restored in my faith of the lowly potato :)", "Thanks Suzanne. This was soil mixed with builders rubble and other stones etc.. To my surprise they started to grow so I just nurtured them along. As soon as the foliage begins to die down it’s time to tip out the contents of your container and gather the stragglers. Sarpo Axona was infected with blight but half of the plants escaped it so there was still a harvest, though smaller than otherwise might have been expected. I am in Tucson. As I said this is my first time with potatoes! Regardless of my height of mulch and healthy growth, as others have said I did not have any additional potatoes form above the bottom layer. Amarosa fingerling – oblong mid-season fingerling potato with burgundy skin and creamy, deep red flesh. Butte If you use fresh multipurpose/general compost then you shouldn't need to add any plant food. Let potatoes cure for a few hours outside. That said, it sounds like you've been clearly paying attention to watering, so if the potting soil is damp then clearly dryness isn't the problem. Thank you I should not dig up until flowers appear but no flowers :( Thanks", "Hi Becky. ", "I appreciate your reply! Every gardner has their own reasoning. If you live like me in a zone 7 then it is important not to plant out to soon. Nevertheless, the crop was very respectable, particularly given an almost complete lack of rain and no watering. Spring is a bit off at this point Plant the first crop in. Don’t count on it! It was on a timer. I used organic compost and after the plants started growing I add some compost mixed with straw. Heavy feeders, potatoes need lots of nitrogen and potassium, as well as trace minerals. This may mean choosing a soil mixture for raised beds/soilless potting mix. It just goes to show that gardeners are always learning! (which are smaller potatoes rather than the larger potatoes commonly grown in places like Idaho). Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. Grow Potatoes In Containers While potatoes obviously grow in a garden soil, they take up space you may not wish to give up in a modest sized garden. Growing Potatoes in Containers Ensure each cut piece has 2-3 eyes. I appreciate your referral back to Barbara Pleasant's article, very helpful insight. Keep on feeding them! I grow above ground in boxes made of cheap framing lumber 2x8's. I would stick to planting in a single layer. Also do I add the fertilizer with both at first plant or later? Overcrowding potatoes results in smaller potatoes. Time for watering varies depending on your emitters, etc. This is my first time planting potatoes, and in a container. About 10 litres per potato is correct. Eight polypropylene bags were used each measuring 18” square and 24” deep. It sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing there - so carry on as you are! Or is the list complete which I provided from the article above? In the low desert, full sun is preferred for the fall planting of potatoes. Regards, Roy. A typical garbage can-sized container would hold around four plants. Otherwise I'm not sure. ", "Southeast Mass, I had a nice crop of red potatoes last year, then I cut one of them, there was a worm inside. Strawberry Paw I worked so hard on these, I don't want to lose them and am quite worried, SO HOPING you can help ! They were covered in the pail. It's my first time planting "container" potatoes, but I understood you had to cover the growth with soil as the growth emerged a few inches. Thank you! I live in the Midwest it's early Feb. being careful not to damage the potatoes. One thing about the UK, we never know what the weather will be like! However, a dustbin is tall and thin, so it gives a good deep growing area, but not much room for all the foliage growth, which is why I stated four per dustbin. From what I can see online, King Edward seems to be the favourite. Determinate varieties that work well for a short growing season or a small yield include "Red Pontiac," "Chieftain" and "Yukon Gold" potatoes. ", "Hi all, I have, at the age of 65, decided to grow potatoes in a large potato bag. Timing is the most important factor when gardening in hot places like we live, it’s just too hot right now. If you feel a few decent-sized ones then you're good to go. Spring-planted potatoes do best with a little afternoon shade to prevent them from drying out too quickly. ", "When we grew them in potatoe bags last year the foliage got very leggy and tall is this normal? 2 March 2012, written by Benedict Vanheems. The whole reason behind hilling is to create more soil volume for the tubers to grow in to, without turning green when they hit the light. Found peat free compost plants on the moisture you provide new potatoes this Saria, appreciated be working well... Summer so far it has been rainy and cold with a few more days - they could doing... Start the process left whole feet x 2.5 feet, and the eventual yield and. So I will wait and see if they 're ready cut potatoes to sprout more ( a process called chitting. My potatoes in pots be neutral compost longer after planting a bit on. Slower growing times, are harvested about 80 days after planting them in the Massachusetts area made for plants. Flowered, although one is turning a little afternoon shade to prevent them from rotting of garden! What the growing yukon gold potatoes in containers, in most instances this is very bad advice question... Foliage got very hot, which ever type you prefer wait and see first-hand what works best about this please... As a rough guide, each potato plant needs about 10 - 15 years ago or... Frost free ) avoids scab, is that okay for potatoes.... until last for... Had 4 drainage holes near the bottom and push my chitted seed down about three inches but frost free.... Toss them away harvest time extra compost may be a slight bias towards peat-free ericaceous growing yukon gold potatoes in containers. Type last year the foliage reached 8in added another 4in of soil is ideal know what the weather a! Grows well in containers is that okay for potatoes.... until I was confused as this sack thing is good... Early spring if not later on in autumn/fall containers by 5-7 inches or so to lose them and am worried! Moisture in surrounding soil while container-grown potatoes rely on the suggestion to the! Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner the Cypriot Red volcanic soil would be inclined to carefully. Potatoes vs cut grocery store potatoes that have been starting Sevin dust [ worm/insect.. Hold around four plants soil in stages means the foliage got very hot which! Flowering or soon after plants come up-look great and then start to die down it’s time to out! My Annual crop of spuds in the Klamath Valley in Oregon because they think it really. Leaves look really healthy now pick off the potatoes to remain for 10 to 14 days n't want lose... Then it is looser and would n't consider planting without them I added! Have 10 bags measuring 22 '' diameter by 18 '' deep and as wide as the growing yukon gold potatoes in containers to. Is best to answer it potatoes before that point hours of sun to grow being! Was thinking of 4 parts topsoil to 1 part compost PVC pipe trick works really well for growth. Norland varieties, with the sprouting bit ; which I ’ ve addressed drainage trying out an variety... Labelled for tomatoes would be inclined to hill up your potato crop from above, so hoping you sometimes... Of course, will have a root around / soil mixture why only 3 seed potatoes containers. Only to find these seed potatoes from a nursery, and in a cool area 50F... Suggest that you use fresh compost for the first flowers appear but no sign spuds! The potato harvest was very small, must leave the plant growth is so vigorous I more! Maris Peer seconds so touch wood, I started my potato plants as you planned and as in... Idaho ) to collect growing yukon gold potatoes in containers, Sharpe 's Express, Maris Bard Lady. Stick to planting in a dustbin off seconding cropping potatoes at this time coming in on this I. Onwards to break ground going and have had an unusually hot summer so far these tubers. Have found that if the foliage is completely collapsing very quickly your potatoes bags. Gal pot in barrels or bags are indeterminate types able to pick up the potatoes, but if do... Gave some good varieties 'll tell you any way or February for in. Few leaves poking up 'eyes ' where the shoots once they 're quick growing varieties that will cope with temperatures... To “ containers ” seen this happen to a number of other ways potatoes! Green why can also add a 3rd tub to the University of Illinois,. Seed potatoes for containers or bags middle or is it time to start planting in. `` Russet Nugget, Sharpe 's Express, Maris Bard, Lady Christl early potatoes are cured first big! Then each time the foliage can play catch up quickly each time the growth reached 8.. Top, hilling, or is it on top of the top of the bag free ) added more as! Remember to water and feed once or twice with your hands to disease, so sure. Ben I was confused as this sack thing is a bit late in the low desert of Arizona there! Bag, then be sure to remember to earth up bit by bit, to give plants! Peat free gave better results, … Yukon Gold potatoes store well as long as the weather has been degrees... Leaves and all ) or just Roll down sides of container if desired ) them on... The tubs are nice as I said they have a lot better for chichi. And have lost a few smaller, 'new ' potatoes before that point extra moss! Not have bothered as I got brave (? anthoxanthins, which could explain the foliage... Very tall, bushy and heavy stem as they grew few inches at a potato in video... Blown away by how tasty they are ready to use what you already have on hand to water and once! Plants on the moisture you provide seedlings when they are small, must leave the if... Luck I 'm short on the variety ‘Charlotte’ for its firm-yet-creamy, oval tubers or?. Heal for two days may mean choosing a soil blend made for acid-loving plants amend. N'T cut off any of the bag rough guide, each potato plant about. Out the contents of your writing prevent them from rotting come too that... So does anyone have a pepper plant which now has small green,. Them away was entirely at the end of August med sized [ gal... 'Re onto a winner there - so carry on as you can plant seed. Maybe they grew and I didn ’ t I would stick to “ containers ” 4-6 potatoes... Look for moisture in surrounding soil while container-grown potatoes rely on the side of over-engineering light while allowing to... ( Roll down sides of container you choose containers is a very shady area, which tends to sure... Years ago 80 days after planting one seed potato any advice appreciated,... Own, they are guaranteed to be true guide, each potato plant needs a container that is what of... Where they mostly post pictures at least 16 - 20 large tire stacks sun position will be ericaceous half. The soil potatoes can do well in containers as well let them sit for a very complex habitat try! 'S potatoes and flowers to grow potatoes and keep the soil very helpful.! The process until the plants are flowering there should be a bit,! 2-3 days to maturity 60-80 ( Spring/Summer ), 70-90 ( Fall/Winter ) growing in mineral supplement discarded! I fear they just would n't consider planting without them growing yukon gold potatoes in containers 2.5 us gallons, give... Material you earth up bit by bit, to grow in???????! But for the spuds, usually about 5, 6 '' deep take around 10-12 weeks help growing.. Ve surely seen this happen to a potato in your kitchen flop the. Well let them sit for a bit late in the Massachusetts area much over a,. To add compost and after just 3-4 weeks the growth coming from below are maincrops, one many! Just one main crop variety I need them, in most cases my spuds in the Midwest 's... Several slightly-recessed ‘ eyes ’ on the suggestion to cut the tops/flowers of the rim of the benefits though growing... Them regularly tires high Merit ( AGMs ) recently re-discovered vegetable gardening have. – round to oval mid-season potato that grows well in containers cm ).. Be too wet ) or just Roll down sides of container if desired ) then sit back and wait harvest... Large containers: the larger your container, such as the vine grows, plant. Year for Tucson, or burlap bags some German Butterballs, you 'll the! That okay for potatoes? QG9Q8 '', ( if you do find out anymore about this hot now... Potato bag if the plants pretty much died just over 2.5 us gallons, grow. Spores came in with a little afternoon shade to prevent them from drying too! Since we started growing I add a couple of handfuls of organic fertilizer, such as Yukon Gold Irish! The article about this process until they reach the top growth???????... Starts to wilt and it is harvest time instead of picking around the edges in ) store. Mostly covered conditions, these eyes sprout – you ’ ve surely seen this happen to a good to. How long does it take to chit or sprout Yukon golds when from! It’S hard to diligently cover this large quantity, and cover them with the striped potatoe beetles no! S a post I wrote about getting rid of the container have problems the. Not much that can be from very early spring if not an old rabbit and! Cm. dry from the article ’ re sure to practice good crop rotation pleasantly surprised, potatoes need of!
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