COVID-19 Policy

We've made a number of changes to the way we operate to ensure that we are able maintain social distancing and allow sufficient time between guests for enhanced cleaning procedures. Please read the following carefully so that you can help us to meet these standards. During the pandemic keeping you and our staff safe is our main priority.

Contactless payments

Your accommodation and any additional charges during your stay can be made via bank transfer. We are also on which accepts online payments with no credit card or booking fees. No cash or credit card facilities available.

Exclusive use

We will only be taking bookings for one group at a time so you can be assured there is no-one else staying on the premises during your stay, except staff.

Social distancing

As you have your own entrance to your room/s you will not be in contact with staff except on arrival and during your stay we'd ask that you maintain 2 metre social distancing. All of our staff have been briefed on these guidelines.

Check in

Please wait outside by your car and a member of staff will greet you and show you to your room/s. You will need to complete a registration form with the name and address of everyone in your part.

PLEASE NOTE :- your address will be needed at the time of booking so areas that are in local lockdown will be declined, the same as if our area is on local lockdown, no bookings can be taken.

We are required to ask for this information as part of NHS Wales test, trace and protect service. Further information is available on Carmarthenshire County Council's website.

We now have the NHS QR code for our property, so if you have the NHS COVID-19 App you can now scan our QR code on arrival as part of theTest Trace Protect service.

Cleaning / hygiene

We have removed all ornaments and non essential items to make it easier to thoroughly clean the room between guests. Our communal lounge will not be in use at the present time but there is plenty of outside space. We have also increased our change overto 72 hours.

Hand sanitiser will be available for your use in the B&B hallway and in the main cottage where you have breakfast.

We will not enter your rooms during your stay this includes access for cleaning. Should you wish to clean your room, cleaning products and a cordless vacuum cleaner will be left for your own use in the B&B hallway.

For stays longer than 3 nights we will provide fresh towels.


Breakfast will be served in the main cottage please just come in and be seated, this will be explained on arrival. As we only take one group at a time there will only be one table used. All seating, table and condiments etc will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray before and after breakfast.

Suspected COVID-19 symptoms - curtailing your holiday

If any guest develops suspected Covid-19 symptoms during your stay, the whole group should return home as quickly as possible if well enough to do so.

You must use the most direct route and not use public transport.

You should self-isolate immediately and follow self-isolation guidelines.

The person with the symptoms should apply for a free Covid-19 antigen test, preferably at a convenient location close to their home as soon as possible.

If you have acute symptoms, or breathing difficulties or your life is at potential risk, seek medical help immediately.

Please inform me, as your host, of any decisions you make. We are unable to offer a refund should you need to curtail your stay with us.

CANCELLATIONS :- No refunds will be given for disinclination to travel, we will need proof of self-isolation due to symptoms or track and trace reasons and borough lockdowns, then a full refund will be given, just let us know your situation.